The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Canada

The casino gaming industry in Canada is booming right now. The laws regarding gambling in this country are among the least restrictive in the entire world, which provides consumers with a wide range of choices of where to play. Despite the myriad of choices available, players are still surprisingly drawn to the same few games. Online gambling has been around for more than two decades, so we expected fancy new games to have risen to the top, but in reality, it’s the more traditional options are the definite favourite.

Find out which online games are the most popular at the best online casinos sin Canada.


Slot machines are loved by all gamblers. It’s vital for players to understand how much their bankroll is worth by knowing the return per player stat. Canadian online slots are known for their potential for variability. Players from Canada can find different themed slots, with multiple paylines and reels online and have hours of fun with a relatively small budget. Also, the invention of progressive jackpots made the slots even more popular.


All casino gamers have a soft spot for blackjack. The game has been played everywhere you could imagine – from kitchen tables to VIP rooms at a luxurious casino. The game offers a variety of strategies, making this a fun game. A familiar “basic strategy” is even taught in casinos so that new players can learn it, but there are also many different ways to get involved that are related to the sizing of bets. Online blackjack is certainly one of the more exciting casino games.


Despite the wide range of new online casino titles available today, baccarat is still played by almost 10% of all players worldwide. 91% of all casino revenue in Macau was generated by this game in 2014. The great thing about baccarat is that it is almost entirely dependent on luck. Some people just want to have fun and not think too much about strategy. This is precisely why it is one of the most commonly played games in Canada.


There are many interesting-looking tables in a casino, but the craps table is one of the most complex ones. The game is based on a single roll of two dice, but players have the option to choose from a selection before they roll. It’s fine if you feel a little anxious about jumping into this game as soon as you see the table. Indeed, it will take a while until you learn the rules, but keep in mind that learning how to play this classic will be worthwhile. Even though the experience isn’t the same online, it is very popular in Canadian online casinos.


Even though one would never think it, the traditional roulette wheel still remains a top choice among Canadian players. Although you can experiment with a few betting plans, there is no universal strategy. Most often we see gambling attempts to use the famous Martingale system on roulette wheels. In this case, punters double their next wager if the previous one failed. In either case, they go back to their original size or double again if the second bet is a failure.


Canadians have become increasingly interested in online gaming over the past decade. Despite their varied gaming interests, Canadians are not particularly picky about the type of online casino games they play. The ones we mentioned, however, are a few that have stood out as the nation’s favourites among all the different types available. Games like these have become so popular for a number of reasons, including being made by reputable companies, offering supreme gambling experience and having superior graphics.

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