All About VIP and Loyalty Rewards in Online Casinos Canada

VIP rewards at an online casino can be extremely lucrative. From exclusive bonus offers to premium event invitations, VIP players experience the best of all worlds. They can take advantage of the best slots free spin bonuses, participate in high-stakes poker tournaments and access an exclusive array of features to make their casino experience totally sublime. At VIP casino Ca, joining the group is the last step in the Loyalty Program. Sign up for an online casino today to take the first step towards this exclusive club.

TOP Canadian Online Casinos in 2021

online Casino
Minimum Deposit
Gaming Club
Minimum Deposit
$ 500 + 100 FS
Minimum Deposit
С$ 20
100% up to 500 С$
Minimum Deposit
С$ 20
Payout Speed : 24 hours
500 Free Spins
Minimum Deposit
С$ 5
Payout Speed : 72 hours
iLucki Casino
C$900 + 150 FS
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Spin Samurai
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Minimum Deposit

Best High Roller Casino Sites in Canada

Every casino has its own unique flair, set of games and promotions, and of course their own VIP casino bonus offers. If you are looking for a new casino where you can become a high roller and reap tons of rewards, look no further. We have listed the best VIP Loyalty Program casino sites in Ca. These sites have great casino VIP rewards and are worth checking out.

Who are the VIPs?

An online casino plays hosts to thousands of players. However, there are always a select few players who go above and beyond the rest. Typically, this means that they have patronized the casino for years as a regular spender. Players who have not been around as long but have spent massive amounts are also a part of this group.

The best way a casino can reward these players for their loyalty is by offering them VIP casino bonus offers. This is known as the VIP Club.

How To Join the VIP Club

The process for joining a VIP club varies from casino to casino. The most common way is by invite only – the casino operator keeps an eye on players who are high rollers. Eventually, they will extend an invitation to the player. The player can accept the casino VIP sign up bonus and get further benefits later on.

The other common way is through a loyalty program. Again, the VIP loyalty program casino sites offer vary. However, they all have one thing in common – be a regular moderate or high spender at the casino and you will progress through the loyalty program. At lower ranks of loyalty, you will only get some small bonuses and benefits. At the higher ranks, you will be enrolled into the VIP program for bigger rewards.

Now, let’s look at some of the rewards a VIP program casino online offers its players. Also, you check a list of our best welcome bonus casino.

Exclusive Bonus Offers with High Roller Casino Slots

Everyone loves online casino bonuses, right? Unfortunately, bonuses are not always perfectly suitable for a player. Some bonuses like Welcome bonuses are one-time only, and also limited to a particular day of the week. If you are busy that day, you can’t take advantage of it. Some bonuses require you to play a game that you don’t like. Some bonuses simply have a wagering requirement that is too high.

As a VIP, you will have no problems like these. They receive exclusive VIP casino bonuses that are more valuable than normal bonuses. There may be other offers, like VIP slots casino bonus and cashback bonuses. Finally, VIPs also get personalized bonuses designed to suit an individual player perfectly.

Faster and Easier Banking

As you know, you have to deposit some money at a casino before you can start playing. You can withdraw your winnings in a similar way. Most casinos have stringent limits on how much you can deposit or withdraw in a certain period of time.

Normal players won’t be too bothered with these limits, but they can be a hassle for high rollers. What if you want to spend $10,000 tonight, but the casino has a Weekly Deposit limit of $5,000? To solve these issues, VIP members often get increased or unlimited deposits and withdrawals. As a VIP player, you would be able to deposit and withdraw as much money as you want at any time.

Exclusive Events and Invitations

VIP members also get the chance to shine in various invitational events. These events can be tournaments against other VIPs, games, concerts, parties, cruises, and so on, all in real life. Not every VIP casino online bonus has these types of events, but the best ones definitely do.

These events indicate that being a VIP member isn’t just about getting a few casino bonuses. It’s a kind of lifestyle that only a few people in the world can afford to lead.

Dedicated Account Manager and Customer Support

In the case a problem crops up, VIP players don’t have to go through the same customer support channels as average players. Instead, they can contact a dedicated account manager kept on retainer by the casino. The dedicated account manager will then go through customer support, checking if transactions are occurring smoothly. The account manager can also check your financial details to see if there are any potential issues.

Earn More Comp Points playing High Roller Casino Games

Comp points are basically a type of point-based reward players get for making a wager. For example, a bet of $10 could reward the player with 1 Comp Point. Players can then exchange these comp points for various bonuses like free spins and other promotions.

As a VIP member, you can get Comp Points at an increased rate.  The additional comp points come in handy when working towards a higher tier of VIP casino bonus.

Becoming a high roller is a daunting prospect for most people. However, if you are willing to spent the necessary amount, you will be welcomed into the world of casino high-society. Incredible casino online VIP bonuses are just in your reach! Once you are signed up for the VIP group, the casino VIP rewards will start coming in as well!


Where do I find a VIP loyalty program casino?

Most online casinos offer VIP loyalty programs. We have a list of the best casinos with VIP programs on this page.

Is it hard to become a VIP member?

Yes, it can be very hard. Typically, players have to spend hundreds of dollars every week for a long time before they can be considered as a VIP.

How do I claim my VIP bonus rewards?

The VIP bonuses should be activated automatically. If they are not, then check your messages or email for a bonus code. Entering the code will activate the various bonuses.