The Best High Roller Casinos and Games

There are players of all stripes at online casinos. The average player probably spends a few hundred dollars every month.  Conservative or ‘for-fun’ players might spend even less than that. On the other end, there are also a special type of players who spend hundreds of dollars every minute. They are the top spenders at a casino, known as high rollers. Casino high roller players are the most dedicated customers a casino could ask for. As high rollers, they are also members of the VIP club and receive exclusive, luxurious bonuses. Keep reading to learn all about high roller casinos, high roller casino games and what kind of bonuses VIPs receive.

TOP Canadian Online Casinos in 2021

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$1000 + 1000 Free Spins
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С$ 20
Payout Speed : 24 hours

Best Online Casinos for High Rollers

Despite the huge number of online casinos out there, only a few are suited to serve high rollers. A high roller casino has special requirements. Deposits limits, withdrawal limits, betting ranges and bonus amounts must all be much higher than normal. If a casino fails to account for these, it will not be patronized by casino high roller players.

After searching through a variety of casinos, we’ve listed all the top high roller casino Canada has to offer.

What does it mean to be a High Roller?

The difference between a normal player and a casino high roller is simply a matter of scale. Everything is bigger, fancier and more expensive when high rollers are involved. It is easier to think of this in terms of an analogy to physical casinos.

A normal player arrives in a Taxi or Uber, while the high roller player arrives in a private limousine and gets valet parking. A normal player plays on the crowded casino floor, while the high roller has an exclusive private lounge where only other high rollers and executives are allowed. Even though both of them are playing at the same casino, there is a world of difference between them.

The Best High Roller Casino Games

As mentioned earlier, high rollers spend incredible amounts of money. Therefore, it is imperative that a game have either high wagering limits or be fast enough to keep them satisfied.

At a normal brick-and-mortar casino, the operator and the dealers can alter a game on the fly to allow high rollers to play as they want. However, that is not possible at online casinos. Most online casino games are developed by third-party online casino software providers. The games are also balanced around a particular bet range. So, it’s not possible for operators to change a game to fit a high roller.

Instead, software providers have developed games that are specifically designed for high roller players. Some Live Casino games now feature high wagering limits, plus increase multipliers.

The Best High Roller Casino Slots

Just like the table games, high roller casino slots need to have a high betting range. Most slot games have a betting range falling somewhere between $0.1 and $100. The maximum barely cuts it. Slots with a maximum bet of up to $250 or $500 are much more suitable for high roller players.

VIP Bonuses for High Rollers

High roller online casino sites give out plenty of rewards to their dedicated high roller players. The main form the reward comes in is the exclusive VIP Club membership.

There are myriad bonuses that come with membership in this exclusive club. Four of these bonuses include:

  • Increased ease of payment – Any deposit or withdrawal limits are raised or even outright removed.
  • Unique, high roller bonuses and promotions – You won’t find bonuses as lucrative as these anywhere else. The bonuses may also be personalized to your specific tastes.
  • Tournaments, Leaderboards and Community Events – The members of the VIP club get invites to exclusive tournaments and events. They can also compete against each other in as leaderboard for fun.
  • Dedicated Customer Support and a Liaison – VIPs get a dedicated customer support channel of their own. They get priority customer service and even an individual liaison who can handle any issues that crop up.

Becoming a High Roller

The standards for become a high roller at an online casino are actually not as high as you would expect. You don’t actually have to be a millionaire. Rather, being a regular high spender is enough.

Many people often spread their spending over several different casinos. While this strategy is effective for playing a variety of games and earning different bonuses, it does not show loyalty towards any particular site and makes it harder to get selected to become a VIP. But if you focus on playing on only one site – even with just a few hundred dollars a week – then they will eventually take note of you and extend an invitation.

At an online casino, the biggest earners and spenders are usually the high rollers. Therefore, casino operators go to a great extent to keep them happy. VIP bonuses are just a part of it.

You too can become a high roller eventually. You just have to focus spending at one casino and persevere. Keep it up, and you will find yourself a member of the VIP club in no time, ready to enjoy some of the most lucrative bonuses a high roller casino Canada can offer you!