Best Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino bonuses are something you will see the moment you open up a casino. If you are new, then you definitely have to learn about all the different types of casino bonuses online and how you can take advantage of them.

Knowing about the best casino bonuses and using them is an extremely useful thing that any Canadian online casino player must leverage. If you don’t know about them, there isn’t any need to worry. After all, you have come to the right place to fix that problem!

Keep reading on to learn all about the latest casino bonuses, what to watch out for when it comes to casino bonuses online. Finally, find out how you can use these huge casino bonuses online for yourself!

Online Casinos with Best Bonuses

online Casino
Spin Casino
Minimum Deposit
Lucky Nugget Casino
150% WB UP TO CA$200!
Minimum Deposit
Payout Speed : 24 hours
Payout Speed : 72 hours
Minimum Deposit
100% up to €200
Minimum Deposit
С$ 5
Payout Speed : 24 hours
Royal Vegas
Minimum Deposit
500 Free Spins
Minimum Deposit
С$ 5
Payout Speed : 72 hours
All Slots
Minimum Deposit
Casino Classic
C$200 + 40 FS
Minimum Deposit
Ruby Fortune
Minimum Deposit
Zodiac Casino
C$100 + 80 FS
Minimum Deposit

The Best Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

As far as restrictions and regulations go, Canada has relatively few of them. The consequences of that are hundreds of online casino sites that Canadian players could possibly signup at. Instead of forcing you to figure out which one of them is the best, we went through the various sites ourselves.

Eventually, we found all of the top-notch best Canadian online casino bonuses out there. We’ve listed them all here just for you!

What are Online Casino Bonuses exactly?

Before diving any deeper into the topic, it’s critical to know where bonus offers come from, how they work, and why you should care. If we are not on the same page, there’s no point in going into so much detail later on!

A bonus is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a bit of extra rewards given out to a casino player, to boost their match. The bonus generally comes in the form of cash or free spins that could be used at the casino later on. Using this extra cash, you can make bigger bets or keep playing after your bankroll has been exhausted.

You can already see how this would be a great idea. You start the night with C$50, which is an amount you could spend over a few hours. But thanks to bonuses, you could get another $50, potentially doubling how much fun you can have!

Riches Of Ra
Current Jackpot
2 Million B.C.
Current Jackpot
5 Reel Drive
Current Jackpot
Thunderstruck II
Current Jackpot

Different Types of Free Casino Bonuses Online

Bonuses aren’t just “Here is C$50 for you.” There are many different types of promotional bonus offers at online betting sites. They are distinguished by when they are given out, how they are given out, and who are eligible to get them.

There are bonuses for slots players and for table and live game players. There are bonuses for average players, free players and high rollers. Finding the right bonus for you is the challenge.

In our list of recommended casinos, we chose the bonuses we felt is right for you. We’re assuming you’re an average player rather than a super-budget one or a high roller. That said, there are a couple low-budget and high-stakes bonuses in the list as well, so feel free to explore them!

Almost all bonuses could be classified into one of the six types of bonuses. Here are all the different varieties bonuses online.

Welcome Bonus – The Welcome Mat

The universal bonus you will find at nearly every casino. The Welcome Bonus or package usually features huge casino bonuses online. The welcome package is given out only once – when the player first signs up for the casino. Generally, the welcome package is the biggest bonus a casino offers.

Some examples of welcome bonuses are:

  • Jackpot City’s C$1600 in cash on the initial 4 deposits, with a 100% deposit match.
  • LeoVegas Casino’s C$1000 in cash with 100% matching, plus 200 free spins.
  • Spin Casino’s C$1000 in Cash with 100% matching across the first three deposits.

As you can see, these promos could potentially double your casino budget. If you are not a high roller, you might not want to deposit C$1,600 first thing. But if you deposit C$200 or so, then you will get an extra C$200 to play with!

Plus, the free spins don’t hurt! There’s always a chance of winning the jackpot on those spins only. You might not be able to cash out the jackpot rewards immediately, but it’s still a great way to start your career at the casino.

Just keep in mind that the bigger the bonus, the more restrictive the imposed conditions are and the harder it is to cash out. This is particularly true for these huge welcome bonuses.

Deposit Bonus – Get a Reward for Cashing Up!

The welcome bonus package typically combines several different deposit and free spin bonuses. The casino may offer additional deposit bonus offers throughout the week. They are the most common type of casino bonus, but that does not mean they are bad.

Keep an eye out on the Promotions page of your favourite casino. If you are a regular player, you will be depositing money into the casino every week or every month or so, right? So why not wait for the deposit bonus day and take advantage of it when making a deposit?

Most deposit promos after the welcome package won’t have such huge numbers. A typical deposit bonus would be a $100 bonus with a 50% deposit match. Or it could simply be 50 Free Spins for making a deposit.

Typically, in order to qualify for the deposit bonus, you need to wager a minimum amount. Remember to check the terms and conditions first.

No-Deposit Bonus – Completely Free!

We just mentioned deposit bonuses. But did you know the opposite exists? Completely free casino bonuses online. No Deposit bonuses are essentially free because they don’t require any deposit. You just have to fulfill some other condition.

For example, if a Welcome Bonus includes a No-Deposit bonus, then the condition would be simply signing up. As soon as you activate the bonus, the rewards will be added to your account. No need to deposit, as it claims!

Unfortunately, there is no way to immediately cash out the bonus. You can only spend them to play at the casino. Still, it’s a great way to play some games for free before you decide to deposit and invest.

Most No deposit bonuses are fairly small compared to others. The cash payout for one of them might range from C$5 to C$25, while if there are free spins, they will usually be limited to 25 or 50 at max. Both BetSafe and 888Casino have 50 Free Spins as a No-Deposit bonus!

Free Spins – Get Spinning on your Favourite Games!

We’ve mentioned Free Spins as a part of some of the other online casino bonuses. However, free spin bonuses can also be given out on their own.

A Free Spin bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It lets you make spins on a slot game without paying the stake. Since slot games are the most popular type of online casino activity, this bonus is really popular.

But even the best online casino bonuses have terms and conditions. In the case of free spins, those conditions usually limit the spins to a specific game.

Maybe it’s because the game’s software developers want to promote it, or that it is newly released. The actual stake amount of free spins is also pre-determined and cannot be changed. Usually, the stake will be on the lower side of the game’s betting range.

Cashback – Losing Doesn’t Have to Hurt

The cashback bonus is slightly different from the ones we’ve mentioned so far. While all the other bonuses come into play before you start gaming, this one comes into play afterwards.

When you lose a bet, you lose the money you staked on it. That’s the typical process. However, with cashback bonus, you can get back some of the money you staked as cashback. A typical cashback bonus might give you 20-30% cashback on all recent losses.

BondiBet Casino offers an exclusive 15% cashback bonus every week on Mondays. Unlike other bonuses, Cashback offers don’t have any playthroughs. After all, you have already paid and started playing.


VIP Rewards and Bonuses

Bonuses are a nice, generous deal for typical players. All the huge casino bonuses online give them great rewards and encourage them to keep playing.

What about VIPs? At a physical casino, they can get a lot of special service – private lounges, private gaming tables, personal hosts, complementary drinks and rooms, etc. Most of those aren’t available at online casinos. But one thing is, and that’s casino bonuses.

For VIPs, bonuses are simply a way of life. VIP players get incredible bonuses all the time as part of their VIP rewards. They even have bonuses personalized and packaged for them. For instance, a VIP player who only bets on slot games could get hundreds of free spins on his favourite game.

Of course, VIPs got where they are by spending thousands of dollars at the casino. For most players, other loyalty rewards are more realistic and achievable. Loyalty rewards could include small bonuses and loyalty points. The points themselves can be converted to bonus offers.

How is the Bonus Money Spent?

The exact way the bonus money is spent depends on the casino. Typically, the bonus is added to your casino wallet. It might be displayed separately from the real money you deposited, or mixed together.

Depending on the casino, there are two ways the bonus pool is used. The first way is that all of your real money is spent first when you wager. If you run out of money you deposited yourself, then the bonus cash comes into play and is used.

That means it is possible for you to make a comeback and win what you lost, but you won’t be able to cash it all out until you’ve fulfilled the WR. The WR will usually be given in the bonus terms, so read up on those.

The second way is that a proportion of the money is used for each bet. Suppose you have $100 in real money and $200 in bonus rewards in your account. When you place a $30 wager, a third of it will be taken from the real money and the other two-thirds from the bonus.

The payouts from winning games are also split in the same proportion, so you can always cash out the real part of your winnings. Meanwhile, the bonus parts of the winnings are often locked away behind terms and conditions. Fulfill them and you will be able to withdraw that too!

Huge Casino Bonuses Online for High Rollers

High Rollers are the top 1% of online casino players. That means they get all the luxurious rewards and privileges. These are bonuses that average players couldn’t even dream of.

In a brick-and-mortar casino, they would arrive by Limo or Helicopter and immediately get escorted to luxurious, high-stakes games. Playing online, they get other benefits instead. Benefits such as high-priority support, gifts, personal manager, and most importantly the biggest casino bonuses online.

There are many online casinos out there that are trying to attract a high roller. One way they do this is by offering huge welcome packages worth thousands of dollars. Anything smaller, and the high roller won’t even notice.

So, if you see a something that looks like one of the best online casino bonuses Canada has, worth C$2000 or C$3000 and higher, don’t be tempted to jump in right away. Check the T&Cs to see if it is feasible to achieve the bonus or if you need to become a millionaire yourself first.

Top 3 Online Casinos

Where to Find New Casino Bonuses Online?

Now that you know all about the different types of casino bonuses Canada online gambling sites have, the next question on your mind is probably this: “Where can I find all these new online casino bonuses?”

There are several ways to get new casino bonuses online. One way is to check out a casino review or recommendation site, like this one! When we review casinos and recommend them, we include a link to the casino. If you visit them using this link, you can get our affiliate bonus.

You can also keep an eye on the casino operator’s news and news from the iGaming providers. When a new game is released, iGaming software providers might give out a bonus for the new game to celebrate the launch and get people to try it out! Or they might simply give out the bonuses as anniversary or celebration rewards.

Casinos also give out bonuses in just this manner. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep an eye on your phone messages and email. Make sure you whitelist the casino in your email so it does not get caught in a spam filter. The email or text message could include a bonus link or a bonus code!

What are bonus codes? We will explain that now.

Activating your Online Casino Bonus

You’ve just heard about the latest casino bonuses online at your favourite casino. You launch the site as soon as you can. But what do you do next? How do you get the bonus in your account?

Well, bonuses are usually handed out in one of two ways. The first way is that you simply click a button on the site while logged in. The site checks who is logged in and credits the bonus amount to their account.

The second way is a bit more complicated. You can get various online casino bonus codes. The code might be from an affiliate site, or you might get it by being a member of the casino. The code could be sent to your email or phone.

To activate the bonus code, log in and go to the account management page. If there is a ‘REDEEM CODE’ option or tab, then you can click on that. Otherwise, you can go to the ‘DEPOSIT’ or ‘ADD CASH’ menu and find the code redemption option there.

Customer Support and Bonuses

If you ever have trouble activating a bonus offer, feel free to check the FAQs of the casino. There are always a lot of questions or issues with bonuses. The FAQs are designed to clear that up. A lot of people don’t read those and bother customer support instead, but if you read them, you could save yourself some time.

If you have gone through the FAQs and they are not helpful, then you should reach out to customer service.

The best casinos offer customer service through email, live chat and phone. We suggest using email to communicate problems with bonuses since bonuses are not extremely urgent and it is better to give as much detail about the problem with activating the bonus.

You could also reach out if you already activated the bonus, but the rewards have not appeared in your account. Customer Support is used to helping people with similar bonuses-related issues, so rest assured they will fix your problem in no time.

Pros and Cons of Casino Bonuses Online

Just like everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to even the best casino bonuses online. Before you decide on choosing a casino and activating a bonus, you might want to summarize them. So, let’s take a quick look at these pros and cons.


  • Casino bonuses give you extra cash and free spins, so you can keep playing for longer. A variety of bonuses give players a goal to work towards.
  • Rewards players with an incentive to stick to one casino and play in the long run. Loyalty and VIP rewards can be earned eventually if they keep playing
  • Cashback bonuses help blunt the pain of a big loss. You could also potentially get lucky and win everything back using the money from the cashback.


  • Trying to earn a bonus may force you to play in a way you don’t enjoy.

For example, if you only like table games, but you want to get a bonus, so you play slot games. You will not enjoy grinding the slots and could get frustrated.

  • Some bonus conditions are unfair and encourage the player to waste money instead.
  • Some casino bonuses have extremely complicated requirements or restrictions. You might not be able to place a bet above a certain limit or play some types of games entirely.

Final Words on Canadian Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are one of the great advantages of the platform. Comparatively, physical casinos hardly pay out any bonuses. However, like everything else, there are good and bad sides to casino bonuses Canada online.

If you plan on playing at online betting sites, pay close attention to the bonuses. You should take advantage of the fairest and best casino bonuses while avoiding the unfair ones. If you do this, then you will have way more fun as you play your favourite games!


What is an online casino bonus?

An online casino bonus is simply a reward given to a player by the casino. It typically involves extra free spins and money, which can be used to make wagers and keep playing for bigger amounts longer.

Where do I find good casino bonuses online?

You can find good casino bonuses online by signing up for email and message subscriptions from a casino. You can also keep track of online gambling forums and news sites for posts on new casino bonuses online. Finally, you can check casino affiliates to see if they are giving out any bonuses.

What does the Wagering Requirement mean?

The amount you have to wager before you can withdraw the money won at a casino from a bonus. This req. ensures that you actually spend most of the bonus money at the casino rather than simply cashing out and leaving right away, which would be a big loss.

How often can you get a bonus?

There is no way to predict casino bonuses for guaranteed outside the welcome bonus. Some operators offer repeating bonuses every week. Others have bonus offers as a monthly occasion.

How do I know if a casino bonus is fair or safe?

The best way to do that is to look at the terms and conditions the bonus imposes on you. For example, if you see a bonus with a WR of 100x, then you have to be really careful. This is an extremely high WR and the bonus is likely aimed at high rollers. If it is not, then it is just an unfair bonus that you shouldn’t bother with.

Which casino has the best online casino bonuses Canada has?

There is no way to pick the best casino. There are many extremely good casinos that have great bonuses. Check out our list of recommended casinos for more details!

Is this online casino bonus available in my country?

Some countries have laws restricting bonus offers. So, depending on where you live, a particular bonus might not be available. This is another reason why you should always read the terms and conditions first.