Best Live Blackjack Sites in Canada 2021

Top Live Blackjack Casinos

online Casino
Minimum Deposit
iLucki Casino
C$900 + 150 FS
Minimum Deposit
$1000 + 1000 Free Spins
Minimum Deposit
100% up to 500 С$
Minimum Deposit
С$ 20
Payout Speed : 24 hours
$ 500 + 100 FS
Minimum Deposit
С$ 20
3 BTC / $500
Minimum Deposit
С$ 10
Payout Speed : 1 hours
100% + 150 FS
Minimum Deposit
Payout Speed : 72 hours
$ 600
Minimum Deposit
Payout Speed : 2 hours
Play Fortuna
100% + 225 FS
Minimum Deposit
С$ 5
Payout Speed : 2 hours
1650 CAD
Minimum Deposit
С$ 20
Payout Speed : 1 hours

Blackjack seems to be Canadian new favourite pastime, whether that play it on PlayNow or they prefer some free money games across the net. You got to play to win it, that is for sure, and top dogs know the best places to place your wagers. It is important to choose the casino where one can feel at home as he casually shows off his amazing skills. Let us take you through a simple checklist that may help you understand this game a little better.

Things to know about live blackjack Canada

The origins of this mysterious game go back a few centuries ago and lead us to the place where other games like roulette originated as well. We are talking about revolutionary France and its aristocracy that just adored gambling, and live blackjack dealers were casting their magic on those smooth fine cloth tables. That was some proper entertainment back in the eighteenth century and didn’t have that same vibe as modern live blackjack online, but it was the beginning of our fascination with this interesting game. The fact that it will be perfected through the centuries of continuous gameplay was unknown for the pioneers who just wanted to feel some live blackjack, but we should thank them for enriching our experiences as we learned from their wisdom. It is cool to claim descent from a long line of gamblers that goes back to such historical times of the French Revolution.

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Once this game hit the shores of the United States, it spread like a virus from the west to the east coast and soon, everybody was affected by live blackjack fever. This was like another gold rush that erupted, and pretty soon everybody wanted to visit live blackjack casino as this form o entertainment became equally popular as poker. This was only the beginning, as today we are witnessing countless variations that evolved from that original game. If those old school players could try some of these modern varieties and play live blackjack, they would definitely be confused. Modern players welcome these novelties as this is the way of retaining any game fresh and engaging as it evolves and becomes available for some new audiences.

Cultural exchange between Canada and its southern neighbor doesn’t include just music, hockey, and Holywood movies, but also games of chance that Canadians are so fond of these days. At some point, live blackjack crossed that border and entered the Canadian soil. It was warmly accepted by the indigenous population, and it continues to fascinate us to this day. What surprises us that hardcore fans haven’t made up some original variation that can be unique just for Canadian territory, but there is a good idea for you to consider. This was the beginning of the best live blackjack on the planet, and we will hold that reputation in the years to come.

BlackJack Classic
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How to choose proper live blackjack casino

Finding live blackjack Canada casino is not a problem, but finding a great and reliable one is an art form. There are so many fraudulent sites out there, and one needs to be extremely careful when browsing through the live blackjack universe. Be vigilant and trust only recommendations that come from proven certified players. It is not enough just to check reviews, forum posts, and rumors that come from your best buddies, but one needs to go out there and see for himself if live blackjack sites are as good as they claim to be. Only then you can be sure that you are in a good place and the fun can begin.

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Playing online live blackjack is like swimming in the deep ocean without a swim belt, as there are many sharks just waiting to attack. You must know your game thoroughly before even contemplating joining some of the top live blackjack tables. Learning basic rules and proper mannerisms is the key to a good start that will help you master your skills quickly and with more vigor. It is no secret that this game is all about beating the dealer, and if you want to learn how to win at live blackjack, you better have some competitive spirit inside you. Hitting close to twenty-one is just one part of the equation, and there are a lot of strategies to consider before starting online blackjack real money game.

This is the only table game that has such great odds in your favor, so this is something that needs to be exploited to a full extent. Every live blackjack dealer knows this and is trained to play against you by a specific set of rules which he cannot break. This means that when you play free live blackjack, you have the upper hand by being able to make decisions more freely, and if you learn to make the right decisions, the victory is already yours. If one is familiar with card counting online live blackjack strategies, that can tip this balance even more in your favor. Before you learn all these advanced techniques, focus on finding some reliable site where your money is safe, and you can play with no worries and unnecessary disturbances.

Enjoying the best live blackjack online Canada has to offer

Your money is safe with popular payout systems like Paypal that support PlayNow live blackjack and other trusted sites, but before checking the site’s credibility and payout options, make sure that the games offered are made by top developers in this business. The best live blackjack online games are made by developers like Microgaming, who set standards with their level of quality plus production values. Every proper catalog should have a live blackjack game made by the finest providers available, which are how you will recognize quality gambling establishment. These titles are known for high-quality visuals and sound effects that can compete with the best video games on the market. Since we are talking about live blackjack free play, dealers are real as you play in a virtual environment that resembles brick-and-mortar casinos.

One may be familiar with some basic rules like:

  • Every dealer always stands on 17
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2 or
  • when hands are tied the game will be pushed

There is a motherlode of side bets in 21+3 variation, which allows you to pair your cards with one of the dealer’s cards and possibly hit a winning combination of straight, flush, or three of a kind which pays immensely well. These are all finesse, which you will master over time as your skills and knowledge of this game improve, but this variety of content is what makes online blackjack real money live dealers game so popular worldwide. Zealous players may enjoy some other modifications like Speed Blackjack or Infinite Blackjack, which again can be modified to include side bets as well, which only adds the flavor. These variations are the latest additions to already popular games, but live blackjack Quebec has to be unique, so adding some extra features is just a classic Canadian thing to do. One may also enjoy side bet perfect pair feature where he can wage to hit some of the following:

  • Perfect Pair — same suit,
  • Mixed Pair — different suits, or
  • Coloured Pair — different suits of the same color

The fun never stops at the live blackjack table, so study these combinations meticulously and find the variation that suits your level of play plus your unique style that we all have whether we admit it or not. That style is unique because everyone prefers a certain pace or wagering limit that constitutes his comfort zone. Try different things until figuring out which online live blackjack real money features you prefer. Most importantly, if you play by Canadian rules, make sure to understand gambling laws plus regulations concerning age restrictions and other limitations. Playing responsibly is the best way to get the most fun out of this beautiful game, so take your time to learn all there is about the nation’s gambling laws.

2 Million B.C.
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Aztec Idols
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Diamond Trio
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Secrets of best live blackjack

Becoming a masterful player takes years of practice and mathematics plus card counting are not the only things that one needs to master. There are volumes of books written about this game, and whether you play live blackjack on android or prefer some desktop version, reading these will provide you with an insight to realize how complicated this game is. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be beaten it is the only game that can be beaten for sure. With some skill, some card counting, plus a touch of luck, anyone can become a master or improve his winning streak significantly. Beating the best live blackjack online Canada has to offer is a formidable challenge, so you better get in shape and start making a name for yourself in the online gaming community.

It will take some time to master card counting methods, and one can find many helpful tutorials on Youtube in addition to written publications. Various methods work with a different number of card decks, so specializing in games with lesser decks involved statistically improves your chances. When you play live blackjack online free bonuses can help you kickstart your bankroll, so playing can be extended even further, so be on the lookout for every promotion deal that can be claimed. This is often an overlooked part of any gameplay, but seasoned gamblers understand this important moment that should be taken seriously if one is planning on beating the house. House is always trying to beat you, so don’t let them any advantage that they do not deserve and claim every cent that is available out there.

Another secret that not many will tell you revolves around choosing the right gaming establishment. Choosing among everything that live blackjack online Canada has to offer is a tedious task, but it will be worth your time once realizing that one can customize almost everything to his likeness. This is an enormous advantage that puts you on top by being able to choose your

  • Betting options
  • Camera angles
  • Music, sound, and volume plus other features

Customizing has never worked more to your advantage as today when technology is so advanced, and casinos are doing everything to make you feel comfortable. Use this for your improvement by creating a perfect environment that enables you to concentrate on the table action without distractions. This part of gaming is so overlooked by focusing on card counting plus other in-game features, but now every player should be aware of this sphere that does not concern the play directly but by secondhand. Make adjustments that make your live blackjack gameplay more immersive than ever. You will thank us later once the effects of these adjustments start bringing results.

Try PlayNow live blackjack

This online casino is, without a doubt, a place of gaming excellence plus it is licensed by a proper gaming authority, which means that you can feel safe when battling against blackjack online real money live dealers here. They offer superb customer service plus a live casino option where one can play or chat with live dealers of his choice. Every table game is featured, but we know which one interests you the most. The signing up or registering process is simplified to perfection, and in no time, one can set his account and start choosing his play. This is a unique plus authentic experience reserved for true connoisseurs of this gaming world.

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Resolution is superb and there is no doubt that they invested a lot in making gamblers feel comfortable in a cozy environment, which can be further customized to their likings. Friendly plus courteous dealers will convey a feeling that one is sitting in a Las Vegas VIP room designed to his specifications. Who says online live blackjack can’t be better than classic brick-and-mortar action? That is already a disputed claim by those who had experienced only one session in the PlayNow live room. Do not wait anymore and give this new type of experience a chance before making your final judgment.

We are here just to guide you through and provide our honest recommendation that has a lot of gaming experience embedded inside it. We are constantly testing online casinos and this one is definitely number one on the Canadian gaming market. It stands high on a pedestal of gaming with high performance in every area with a special focus on providing high-quality live play. Starting live blackjack sessions in this gaming house is a perfect introduction for young players who are just starting their journey through the gambling universe. See for yourself and let us know your first impressions or opinions.


This is a beautiful pastime of every gambler and probably the first type of table action that he experienced in his life. What is so interesting about live interaction is an element of competitiveness in every hand being dealt that makes you want to improve your game and sharpen those skills. Taking things to some new level is not easy as casinos are doing everything in their power to dismantle your defenses. They do not like losing, but we do not like losing also. It is on us to prepare ourselves and train until we can stand face-to-face with any gaming establishment.

One piece of advice- try watching a few of Hollywood’s movies about beating this game. Some of them are inspired by true stories and depict the lives of those who managed to beat this colossal industry. Just be aware that them telling their stories is a reason why these same establishments improved their security plus invented new methods for protecting their house advantage. It is a game of cat and mouse that goes on for centuries. It would be boring otherwise if there was no challenge and competitive spirit behind all those innovations.

Learn those ropes, understand math plus statistics of this pastime before going into the big league. Take some time for practicing or getting a grip on various strategies, rules, plus mechanics involved. Investigate various casinos before pinpointing those that satisfy your standards, and set those standards high. We hope that our comprehensive guide has been helpful so that any player who wishes to test his luck will have a good idea of how to start his journey. Luck is not something that any gambler should rely upon, but his skills plus determination for succeeding and becoming the master of this game.