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3 Reel slots what is?

Online slot machines are mainly categorized by the number of reels they have. Most of all, slots fall under 3 types: three, five, and seven reels. Reels are the vertical rollers that spin when the lever is pulled. The number of possible combinations obviously increases with the number of reels you have. If you are new to slots, try free slots to get familiar with the game first.

How to play free 3 reel slots games

you place your bet and choose a specific pattern consisting of different pictures and numbers. Then you have to click on the spin button for the betting lines to start spinning. After a few moments, the machine stops spinning, and a certain pattern will appear on the betting lines. That is how to play 3 reel slots. If you are a lucky player, this pattern will match the pattern you previously chose, and you win the bet value after deducting the casino limit percentage. Best paying 3 reel slots are different from one online casino to another. And of course, 3 reel vs 5 reel slots is not a good example because in each, you have pros and cons. Mainly 3 reel slots real money may pay you less than 5 reels, the possibilities of winning are more.

Play free 3 reel slots games or for real money

free 3 reel slots online may sound perfect for new players to try the game and understand it better, but it will not always be fun. Here is why:

Free slot games: they may be fun at the beginning but after few rounds knowing that you do not lose or win anything, players loser interest, plus not all premium features are available on the free version.

Real money games: It looks just like the free version, but in fact, it is totally different. Now you are playing for real money. You are focused and energized, waiting for the 3 reels to stop spinning with matching results announcing you a winner. In addition to the feelings, all the premium features are available for you to enjoy.

3 Reel Slots Real Money Bonuses

There are many bonuses and offers that the casino offers for fans of online slot games, whether new or permanent and the most important of these bonuses are the following:

Registration bonus: The casino offers a registration bonus to every new player as soon as he creates an account and starts betting on online 3 reel classic slots or any other game. This bonus allows the player to test playing 3 reel slots real money games, plus it allows him to know the rules of the game and the way of playing.

First deposit bonus: The casino offers every player who makes the first deposit to bet on 3 reel slots machines, a welcome bonus or a similar bonus that often matches the player’s deposit. The casino awards a first deposit bonus with a number of wagering requirements, so it is necessary for the player to read the wagering requirements for a first deposit bonus before claiming it.

3 reel vs 5 reel slots

New players have always stuck in the comparison 3 reels vs 5 reel slots. The difference is in the number of bet lines, Which ranges from 3 to 5 lines. The payment rates for 3 reel slots are lower than 5 for sure, but also, the probability of losing is less also. New players find it easier to try the game by playing the free 3 reel slots.

3 reel vs video slots

video slots are also one of the popular types, in which the reels that rotate mechanically are replaced by video screens, and they are very popular as well. It is not much different just depends on the player’s preferences.

Tricks and strategies for 3 reel slots

Although 3 reel slots machines are games based on luck, it is necessary for the player to learn some tricks and strategies that can improve the player’s chances of winning or at least keep the fun going for a longer time. The most important of these tricks and strategies are as follows:

  • Bet the minimum available.
  • Set your budget before you start playing, and do not exceed it, whatever the motives.
  • Bet in a reliable casino, and it is best to choose a well-known brand with a good reputation such as Jackpot City Casino or any other casino we recommend.
  • If you are looking for high returns, look for games with the highest payout
  • Bet with the aim of fun and entertainment and be confident that the winnings will follow.

Top 3 reel slots for Canadian players

Our experts try every casino site and every game. This is our recommended best paying 3 reel slots for you:

  • CashSplash: Hit the Progressive Jackpot with a Single Reel
    The game offers a single pay line and a progressive jackpot, which keeps getting bigger as long as you keep playing.
  • Break da Bank: the Bank Robbery Unfolding
    One of the simplest classic 3 reel slots online, you can try. You get only bar, dollar signs, and strongboxes symbols, which keeps it straightforward and basic.
  • Heroes Realm: Unusual 3-Reel Slot that Does Have a Storyline

Another exciting 3 reel slots real money game. The game offers amazing gameplay with a demo version also for those who want to play for free.

All the games we recommend on our website are tested by our experts before sharing it with our dear Canadian players. So, choose any game or casino site you see on this website, register, and start playing without worrying about anything.

3 Reel Slot FAQ

How to pick good 3-reel slots?

Always check the reviews and experts’ opinions about the game before playing it. You also can play the free version of the game to check the graphics quality and the gameplay experience.

Which to try? 3 or 5 reel slots?

3 reel games are way simpler than 5 reels because instead of waiting for 5 symbols to match, you only hope for 3 to match. Also, the pre-printed table is shorter and way simple when it comes to the 3 reel slots.

How big can the bonuses be for classic 3 reel slots?

The bonuses such as welcome bonus and deposit bonus are different from one casino to another. Although there are bonuses also inside the game, those bonuses are determined by the game developers.