New Interesting Facts About the Canadian Online Gambling Industry

It is well known that Canada’s gambling industry dates back a long time. The fact that a country with a decades-long ban on gambling is gaining global exposure is inspiring. Despite the popularity of offshore gambling, in-person gaming venues like horse racing tracks still hold a certain appeal for most Canadian gamblers. Content will become more relevant as the industry grows exponentially, taking advantage of the popularity of online casinos.

Virtual reality investments continue to be promising, potentially merging the best of live and online gambling into one gambling experience. In the upcoming years, Canada will see a lot of exciting updates, advancements, and gambling opportunities – and this is your opportunity to learn about some new interesting facts related to the Canadian gambling industry.

Gambling in Canada in 2021

Managing both online and in-person gambling demand poses unique challenges to the gambling industry. Investors should be savvy about trends and consumer-friendly because what works for an online casino Canada may not be as popular at physical venues. As for physical venues, they cater to various social needs while online casinos offer a greater variety of games and accessibility.

During the time when gambling was prohibited in Canada, gamers had difficulty finding in-person venues in which to play and bet. Since horse racing venues became the first public places where betting and gambling were permitted, their popularity exploded. The popularity of horse race tracks has been consistent, making them a popular tourist destination even in 2021. The percentage of Canadians who wager on horse races each year is approximately 3%. Physical entertainment is a popular trend among in-person casinos. Audiences are attracted by quality content and live shows.

CA Online Casinos in 2021

There will be nearly 20 million lottery and slot players in Canada in 2021, making them the leading source of gambling in the country. This is primarily due to the easy accessibility of online casinos through mobile and web browsers. Many Canadians who cannot afford to go to a land-based casino enjoy this option. When it comes to online gaming, Canadians have access to a wide variety of online casinos and bonus offers.

canadian online casinosIt is legal to gamble online in Canada, but the laws are somewhat murky. The gambling licensing system in Canada is governed by provincial legislation, which means licensing guidelines vary by region. In some provinces, like Saskatchewan, online gambling is technically legal but remains in a grey area.

Canada’s gamblers continue to prefer offshore and online gaming, despite legal grey areas. Canadian gamblers have increasingly turned to offshore casinos and online gambling in 2020 and 2021, so learning about the laws that follow this type of entertainment is a must.

Future Perspectives

Even though online casinos are still at the height of their popularity, there is a new form of virtual casinos gaining traction. As of 2020, nearly 3 billion investments will be made in virtual reality casinos. With VR Casinos, you can enjoy a traditional casino atmosphere, while also having ease of access to online platforms. Gaming enthusiasts are able to view casino lobbies in virtual reality, play games, and chat with friends at home using VR gear. Virtual reality casinos offer players a sensory thrill that regular online casinos can’t match, and investors and gamers alike have begun to take notice. VR Casinos and VR technology are still developing.

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