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“Gamble responsibility” has become a joint statement in gambling and online betting advertisements, but many are yet to understand what it means. Some wonder how you can gamble responsibly, yet several bets are just a click or swipe away.

According to a report about bookmaking in the Australian culture, most adults gamble at least once a year, 64% to be specific. At the same time one out three of the gamblers participates in multiple forms of gambling. Statistics show that among those who gamble, 21% participates in electronic gaming machines at land-based or online casinos, 22% indulge in instant scratch tickets while a whole 76% fall into a lottery. Additionally, approximately 160 000 Australians experience severe problems from gambling, while another 350 000 experience mild risks leading to gambling problems.

Watching sport exposes young people to gambling

Australian sport commonly features an advertisement for online betting and gambling. Even though, there have been recent reforms to regulate how and when gambling is advertised there is still a considerable presence. 75% of children aged8 to 16 years who watch sports can mention at least one betting game and company.

“Love the Game; Not the Odds” was launched by public health to reduce young people’s exposure to sports betting. Its main agenda is to disrupt the concept that bookmaking is part of sport and a spectator. Additionally, it aims to advise children and adolescents about bookmaking and being part of the game. You don’t have to gamble to be an integral part of gaming.

       Gambling responsibly

Responsible gambling is a broad concept with several requirements and policies concept which ensures that gambling is kept within reasonable limits of money and time.

Ways of achieving responsible gaming may include;

  • Ensuring gambling is not done with money needed for essential items( like food)
  • Setting and following limits around how long and how much you gamble with.
  • Ensuring you do not bet when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or as a way to contain emotions when you are bored, anxious or depressed.
  • Avoiding using credit and debit cards or borrowing money to gamble.
  • Ensuring your leisure time and social activities are not interfering with by gaming. Do not forgo your leisure activities for gambling
  • For online betting;

Ensure you only use websites with daily limit spend to avoid overspending.

Altogether avoid have many online gambling accounts

Signs that show you have a gambling problem

Gambling can move from being a hobby to being a mental issue. The following are some signs that can help one to determine whether one has a gambling problem. Read them now and read them again when you decide to play online casino games for real money:

  1. Thinking about it all the time.
  2. Trying to make up losses by playing more.
  3. Trying to stop it without success.
  4. Depending on others for money.
  5. When you experience the risk to losing a job or relationship because of bookmaking
  6. Urge to achieve the desired excitement by increasing amounts of money to bet with.

In general, seek professional help or exclude yourself from bookmaking websites if you are concerned about your gaming. Online gambling means to the extent of disabling automatic logins or deleting accounts. Check out some of the signs to gauge your gambling pattern and the recommended remedy.